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Jun. 13th, 2009 @ 03:18 am (no subject)

I taught a friend from work how to crochet about 2 months ago.  She's 24 and her husband was teasing her that if she is going to start crocheting then she truely is "Suzy Homemaker"
So as a joke for this statement she wanted to make him a "six pack" of  football beer cozy's to surpise him with on Father's Day. 
She finished her first one tonight.

We used a Coke bottle because we didn't know what our boss would think of us bringing in a Beer bottle to work, empty or not.  It does fit a beer bottle nice though, before she put on the laces I ran it to the nearest gas station to try it on.

Which was fun to walk in, grab a beer just to take a photo, put the beer back then leave without buying anything.  Good thing I know the employee at the store.  A customer looked at me like I was nuts.  *giggle*

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