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Friendly Crochet :)

crochet crochet crochet

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I created this community because I was a member of the old crochet community and there was some drama and the mod deleted the community and now i am sad. :( So, I created this. Membership is open and I really hope that I can build this community into something great. I won't start off with a lot of rules but I reserve the right to add to them as we go.

1. Please do not post any child nudity and please put any adult nudity behind a cut (although if there's nudity it better be for a reason....like to show off that snazzy crochet g string you made..)
2. You can post one picture without a cut but please put any additional pictures behind a cut.
3. This community is specifically for crocheters and posts should be relevant. Knitters and knifty knitters have their own communities.

And that's it for now. Welcome beginners and experts. Ask your questions, show off your projects, and comment on other's work.